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We take great pride at Maumelle Fence Company in being the top fencing company in both Piedmont, and the surrounding areas]. Our goal, with an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, has always been to produce top-quality fences for residential and commercial properties in Piedmont. Using years of expertise and a deep understanding of design aesthetics to create custom fencing solutions that reflect the unique personality of each property and its owner. In addition to their visual appeal, these fences also provide unmatched privacy and protection. We ensure that our fences are a reflection of the craftsmanship we use, creating a wonderful backdrop for outdoor gatherings with friends and loved ones. Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics and security of your property, create a personal oasis in your backyard or secure your business premises, Maumelle Fence Company can make your vision a reality.


Chainlink Fencing

chainlink fencing near Piedmont

Chainlink fences offer both security and visibility. They provide reliable protection while still providing a clear view of the property. Our chainlinks are practical and durable, making them ideal for residential or commercial environments. I personally have a chainlink fence installed in my backyard. This allows me keep an eye on both my children and my pets, while also protecting them from external dangers. Some people were bitten when an aggressive dog attacked in the neighbourhood. Luckily, our fence was strong enough to keep the dog out. It was a great investment!

Privacy Fencing: Your Refuge of Stillness

privacy fence near Piedmont

All those in search of solitude and tranquility are welcome! We have top-tier fences that are customized to your specifications. This is ideal for creating privacy and tranquility away from nosy or unexpected neighbors. It also creates your very private and uninterrupted outdoor moments. Imagine enjoying your yard with no one peering at it from the street!

SECURITY FENCES: Guarding What Matters

security fencing near Piedmont

Our high-quality fences will provide you with unparalleled protection for your property. Security fences offer the best solution to any business or homeowner looking to secure their property. These fences are designed to provide peace-of-mind by combining beauty, technology, and durability. Our exceptional security fence will give you a strong defense against burglars. By investing in our fencing, you can take the first step toward a safer future.

Wrought Iron Fences: Ageless Charm

 iron fencing near Piedmont

Our wrought iron fencing has a timeless appeal. Simple yet durable designs add visual appeal and offer reliable security. Their sturdy construction makes them a visually pleasing option while providing reliable protection. We have built countless iron fencings in Piedmont and the surrounding area. We guarantee a quality installation that will last generations.

Vinyl Fences: Easy Care, Elevated Look

vinyl fence near Piedmont

Vinyl fences are a great way to save time and money. Vinyl fences come with a range of attractive colors and designs. They also resist many things that can wear down fences. These fences do not rot, peel, or fade. They’re your stylish, laid-back companion. It’s easy to maintain with just a bleach wash and rinse.

TEMPORARY FENCING: Flexibility on Demand

temporary fencing near Piedmont

Our temporary fences are ideal for controlling crowds, special events or construction projects. These fences can be easily set up and are very reliable. These fences define and quickly secure any space. They are easy to integrate in any setting, balancing both aesthetics and function. Our expert advice can help you choose the right temporary fence. You can count on us to provide you with the best service and quality for all your temporary fencing needs.

FARM FENCING: Where Function Meets the Field

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We offer customized farm fencing solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of larger agricultural lands or smaller homesteads. Steel farm fences are durable and last for a long period of time. Vinyl farm fences, on the other hand, require little maintenance but offer style. Barbed-wire fencing is another option. Whatever your fence requirements, Maumelle Fence Company offers tailored solutions to meet them.

The Trusted Fence Company in Piedmont, AR

elegant horizontal fence near Piedmont

In the past ten years, I was working and moving away from my home. The familiarity of the landscape and family in Piedmont drew me back. So, when the family-owned fencing company Maumelle Fence Company required a new manager to take over its operations, I offered to help.

Since 2013, our company is the number one fencing contractor Piedmont-wide. Our goal is to build fences with top-quality materials that are practical and attractive. We also aim to construct fences of durability and longevity. This approach extends beyond business and into the community, such as our family’s involvement. Our commitment at Maumelle Fence Company is to prioritize quality & customer service in each project.

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Why Choose Maumelle Fence Company

It is important to select Maumelle Fence Company if you want the best fence for your needs. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional service. As licensed and insured professionals, we follow all regulations. Our craftspeople are skilled and use high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetics. We offer free consultations. We are ready to help you at Piedmont!


How much will it cost me to install a new fence?

The cost for installing a fence can vary depending upon the type, size and material of the fence. A 200ft privacy fence will cost homeowners between $2400 and $7000 on average. For a more accurate estimate, contact us for a personalized quote.

Do I need a license to install a fencing?

In many areas, you will need a fence permit if your fence is higher than a specific height. Our team is here to help you obtain and understand the necessary permits.

Will a fence enhance the value of my home?


How long is a fence expected to last for?

The lifespan of the fence is dependent on the type of materials used and how well they are maintained. A properly maintained wood fence, for example can last up 20 years. Vinyl or wrought iron fences may last even longer.

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Maumelle Fence Company has been serving Piedmont, AR, along with Pleasant Valley, Hickory Hills, Hillsborough, Turtle Creek, Rock Creek, Spring Valley, Maumelle, Westbrook, Alpine, Oak Forest and its surrounding areas for many years. Contact us today for a FREE estimate if you want to transform your Piedmont property with a beautiful and high-quality fence. Let our team of experienced professionals help you realize your fencing dreams!

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